June 2021 Offer to all local businesses – Join the Blue Page scheme!

Have you thought about advertising in Eastington Community News?

We hope that you will consider supporting the magazine and making sure that the community knows all about your business!

ECN is entirely volunteer run and delivered free every two months to around 800 homes in Eastington. This covers the whole of the traditional village and hamlets but in addition, this year, we will be producing extra copies that Great Oldbury residents can collect free from the Co-op.

After missing a couple of editions due to COVID restrictions, our extended ‘advertising year’ has finally come to an end, and a new cycle will start with the August 2021 edition.

A single ‘white page’ slot in one edition – 8×8 cm (one sixth of the A4 page) – will cost £15.

With the Blue Pages scheme, however, we can offer you the opportunity of a big cost reduction by choosing an ‘annual’ advert on the blue pages of the magazine. The cost this year for a single slot in all 6 editions will be just £54 (with larger sizes costing in direct proportion – see below). This represents a 40% saving on the full single edition price.  We achieve the cost saving by printing all the blue pages for the year, enough for all 6 editions, in advance in a single print run. This does mean, however, that an annual advert cannot be changed during the year, and the number of blue page spaces is limited to this one run.

Since you have a local business, I am inviting you now to take advantage of the Blue Pages scheme.  As ever, I am happy to help with design and formatting your advert if required – just let me know.

If you would prefer an annual slot on the white pages, with the option of varying your advert during the year, I can offer you approx. 15% discount on the full price for payment up front. This would be £76 for a single slot in 6 editions, again with larger sizes costing in direct proportion.

To ensure your annual slot and discount please respond as soon as you can – spaces are limited – and full payment would be required by July 10th 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Best Wishes
Jan and Tom Low
– Eastington Community News

All annual Blue Page rates for 6 editions, starting in August 2021
(sizes approximate) :

    • One sixth page (8×8 cm) £54;
    • Quarter page (12 cm high x 8cm wide) £81;
    • One third page (17cm wide by 8cm high) £108;
    • Half a page(17 cm wide x 12 cm high) £162;
    • Full A4 page £324